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August 2013 Wrap-up

September 23, 2013

Here are some random photos (and poor quality cell phone pics) from the rest of our month of August.

I love this photo my friend, Amie, took of Henry resting under a picnic table at his birthday pool party:

henry close up

Henry loves to paint and loves airplanes, so when one of his buddies gave him a wooden airplane kit for his birthday, it was a hit!


Henry and I came down with a cold, so we stayed couchbound for a few days, snuggling and watching movies:


And, to be honest, even when we were well, we still enjoyed plenty of couch snuggles:


One rainy day we made chocolate chip cookies. The recipe measurements were very approximate after many unauthorized tastings along the way, but the cookies still turned out delicious!


Another rainy day we set up the pack & play as a ball pit in our living room:


We ate a lunch picnic on a bench at Sunken Gardens:


Henry and his BFF, Sabrina, took a romantic stroll:


Henry rode a whale in Gulfport’s playground:


August was a fun month!

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  1. September 23, 2013 5:57 pm

    Love that airplane!

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