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November 2013

January 1, 2014

(Trying to do some catching up…)

We tried once or twice to do some maternity progress photos like the weekly ones I did when I was pregnant with Henry, but it’s a little bit more difficult this time as they always seem to end up like this:


:) But that’s okay. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

mamahenry1 mamahenry2

We didn’t take very many other photos in November, but we did get our Christmas card photos done with the help of some pretty weather and my tripod. I couldn’t choose between my two favorites, so I ordered two different cards to distribute at random this year!

xmas2 xmas3

And that was all the photos I took in November! :)

St. Pete Christmas Parade 2013

December 30, 2013

At the beginning of December on a beautifully warm and sunny day we went downtown for the annual St. Pete Christmas parade.

It’s awesome to have a very tall Daddy!




Hello, firetrucks!


At some point Henry realized many of the parade participants were throwing candy and beads. It didn’t take him long to figure out he could stand on the barriers looking tiny and cute with some other kiddos and just hold out his hand to get almost anything he wanted:


Mmmm, candy!


Christmas with the Cumbies 2013

December 28, 2013

This Christmas my in-laws (better known these days as Pops, Grammy, Aunt Haley, and Uncle Michael) came to town to celebrate with us. Pops, Grammy, and Michael drove down the Friday before Christmas and we all met at our waterfront rental in Apollo Beach; but after finding several disappointing and deal-breaking issues with the house, we canceled our reservation and spent the night back at our house. Luckily, the next day we found an even better house in St. Pete Beach! We arrived right at sunset and unloaded our cars… again!

(Here are a bunch of photos from my camera and Grammy’s too!)

The next morning we wasted no time filling up the crab traps with ham scraps and fishing off our little pier in the intracoastal waterway:




Henry was even brave enough to take a dip in the freezing pool. I helped him peel an orange to recharge:



Later we let Uncle Michael open an early Christmas gift: a remote-control amphibious shark car that zoomed around the yard, pool deck, and pool. Henry supervised the assembly and then might have given Michael a very short turn playing with his own gift!


Henry absolutely adores his Uncle Michael:


On Sunday after breakfast Cumbie and I headed to the airport to pick up Haley while Grammy and Uncle Michael handled Henry’s naptime superbly:


The next day Cumbie had to work, but most of the rest of us took advantage of the beautiful weather by spending the morning at the beach. Henry and Aunt Haley built a sand snowman:


Grammy braved the chilly waves with Henry:


Uncle Michael tolerated Henry’s loving-but-slimy “squishface” snuggles:


After nap, Henry and Pops baked and decorated Christmas cookies together:




On Tuesday Cumbie had to work again, but Henry and I fished together and drew Christmas pictures with sidewalk chalk:


Later, Henry, Grammy, and Aunt Haley constructed and decorated a lovely gingerbread house:


Some epic games of Scrabble and Jenga were won and lost:


Daddy got home early from work, so we played, wrapped presents, goofed off, and snacked on the constantly-renewed supply of sweet treats and savory dips.


That night we put out cookies and juice (Henry insisted Santa preferred juice over milk) for Santa and strawberries (oops… forgot to get carrots) for the reindeer and went to bed! The next morning Henry was up around 5:30, but was happy to play and eat breakfast with Cumbie and me while everyone else rose at a slightly more reasonable hour. Then Henry played Santa and handed out gifts for a little while:


He also helped Uncle Michael (and everyone else) open their gifts:


We snuck in a sleepy-faced family portrait:


Then we played and ate and ate and played the beautiful day away. Santa was definitely good to us!

One last sunset, sitting on the seawall feeding the birds with Daddy:


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Fun Messy Week

October 5, 2013

This week we went to a playdate hosted by our friend, Maisy. The idea was to construct a city or fort or tunnel or whatever out of a bunch of cardboard boxes. However, the kids mostly concentrated on painting the boxes instead, which was just as fun.

These two look like mad scientists:



Henry took a break from painting to ride Thomas for a bit:


My little Hulk:


Artists at work:


Afterward Maisy filled up the baby pool and Henry got at least clean enough to ride home without destroying his carseat. :)

Later in the week we went to a pumpkin decorating party. I bought a big pumpkin from the grocery store and brought markers and stickers for Henry to go to town with. I thought I was being clever, avoiding a huge mess… but of course Henry immediately commandeered paint and glitter glue from the other kids.


Henry gave plenty of unsolicited help to his friends:


Gobs of paint and glitter glue, plus one feather and one googly eye later… voila! Henry’s Halloween masterpiece:


Speaking of Halloween decor, I made a fun green monster wreath out of a million yards of tulle, infested our already-scary shutters with giant black spiders, and added pumpkin and ghost stake lights to our front walkway. We’re officially ready for Halloween!


Happy October! :)


October 3, 2013

August 2013 Wrap-up

September 23, 2013

Here are some random photos (and poor quality cell phone pics) from the rest of our month of August.

I love this photo my friend, Amie, took of Henry resting under a picnic table at his birthday pool party:

henry close up

Henry loves to paint and loves airplanes, so when one of his buddies gave him a wooden airplane kit for his birthday, it was a hit!


Henry and I came down with a cold, so we stayed couchbound for a few days, snuggling and watching movies:


And, to be honest, even when we were well, we still enjoyed plenty of couch snuggles:


One rainy day we made chocolate chip cookies. The recipe measurements were very approximate after many unauthorized tastings along the way, but the cookies still turned out delicious!


Another rainy day we set up the pack & play as a ball pit in our living room:


We ate a lunch picnic on a bench at Sunken Gardens:


Henry and his BFF, Sabrina, took a romantic stroll:


Henry rode a whale in Gulfport’s playground:


August was a fun month!

Horsepower for Kids

September 19, 2013

A few weeks ago Henry and I spent a morning at a local farm/riding stable/petting zoo/wild animal rescue place called Horsepower for Kids. I didn’t think Henry would be interested in riding the ponies, but I knew he’d love seeing and petting lots of different animals.

This baby pig walked out of his pen, made a beeline for Henry’s lap, and made himself right at home!



After snuggling with the piglet for as long as he could sit still, Henry passed a rigorous inspection by a miniature horse:


Then he lost a staring contest with a rather large bunny:


So he plopped down on the ground to commiserate with a friendly tortoise:


Henry found a kindred spirit in this sweet and silly goat:


But he didn’t really appreciate this sheep’s oily fleece:


Henry’s favorite animal was a lazy barn cat who didn’t seem to mind a few tight squeezes:


Finally, he insisted he wanted to ride this pony named Chip.  I was skeptical and Henry started the ride with a death-grip on my hand:


But he quickly became comfortable enough to hold onto the saddle horn and insist, “Come on, Chip! Let’s go!” when the pony had the audacity to slow down for a nibble of grass!


We had a great time!


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